# Installation

# Composer

composer require arielmejiadev/larapex-charts

# Package service provider

If you Laravel project version is 5.5 or higher you can avoid this step.

To add package service providers you can go to config/app.php file, and add the next lines to "Providers" array.


# Publish Vendor Files

This package comes with a apexchart.js file to host your own js file, In terminal execute the next command:

php artisan vendor:publish

It will show you some options like (the numbers could change in your project):

[1]  Provider: ArielMejiaDev\LarapexCharts\LarapexChartsServiceProvider
[11] Tag: larapex-charts-apexcharts-script
[12] Tag: larapex-charts-config
[13] Tag: larapex-charts-views

Just select the files you want to publish by type the number and press enter

The package does not require any vendor file.

Alternatively you can publish the chart views, this is not necessary and even not recommended in most cases

But if you require the views, this are the options to publish the files in your app directory

[13] Tag: larapex-charts-views

Just type the number of the required options and press enter