# Method List

this are all the methods available, with a param type hint and description:

Method Param Description
setType string set type of chart in string
setDataset array or multidimensional array (pie, donut and radialbar) charts requires a simple array (line, area, bar, horizontalbar and heatmap requires a multidimensional array)
setHeight integer an integer representation of chart height in pixels
setColors array array with hexadecimal values as strings
setHorizontal boolean only work for bar chart to change it horizontally pass a true value
setTitle string string value to set chart title
setSubtitle string string value to set chart subtitle
setLabels array array of strings to set labels for every chart series
setXAxis array array with values for chart data series
setGrid boolean true to draw a chart grid or false to hide
container no param
script no param
cdn no param


Some charts support in setDataset() a simple array (pie, donut, radialbar) as param Other charts only support multidimensional arrays (line, area, bar, horizontalbar, heatmap).