# Simple Example

Here we are going to add a simple example

# 1 Add a route in your project.

In this example we are going to add a "chart" route

Route::get('chart', function(){

# Use the package Class.

# With Class

Route::get('chart', function(){
    $chart = new LarapexChart();
    $chart->setTitle('Users')->setXAxis(['Active', 'Guests'])->setDataset([100, 200]);

# 3 Return a view with the chart

Route::get('chart', function () {
    $chart = (new LarapexChart)->setTitle('Users')->setXAxis(['Active', 'Guests'])->setDataset([100, 200]);
    return view('chart', compact('chart'));


Check previously creating the view in the directory resources/views

# 4 Add the chart to a view

 <!doctype html>
 <html lang="en">
     <meta charset="UTF-8">
     <meta name="viewport"
           content="width=device-width, user-scalable=no, initial-scale=1.0, maximum-scale=1.0, minimum-scale=1.0">
     <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="ie=edge">
     <title>Chart Sample</title>
    {!! $chart->container() !!}
    <script src="{{ $chart->cdn() }}"></script>

    <!-- Or use the cdn directly -->

    <!-- <script src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/apexcharts"></script> -->

    <!-- Or use the local library as asset the package already provides a publication with this file *see below -->

    <!-- <script src="{{ asset('vendor/larapex-charts/apexchart.js') }}"></script> -->
    {{ $chart->script() }}

# Helpers

Every chart instance has some method helpers there are:

  • container()
  • cdn()
  • script()

You can use this helpers in your blade files to render a chart in your views.

# The container

Method will return a HTML div tag with a generated id, this id is unique for every chart and must match with the json chart object id (the package handle this for you automatically).

# The cdn()

Method returns the current http address of the cdn to work with cdn, if you prefer to work with
a hosted version of the library, the package has a vendor publication to get a copy in your public/vendor directory you only need to run in terminal/console/cmd/bash:

php artisan vendor:publish 

And select the library file option (Remember the number could change in your project):

[11] Tag: larapex-charts-apexcharts-script 

Type the number of the required option and press enter

Then in your blade files change the cdn() helper for the blade asset helper

<!-- Replace this <script src="{{ $chart->cdn() }}"></script> -->
<script src="{{ asset('vendor/larapex-charts/apexchart.js') }}"></script>

# The script()

Method returns a script with a whole json object ready to render the chart.